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The colous you love!

So you decided to paint your house. Great! Now, what colours will you choose?

At Stanmark we want to ensure that you come home to the colours you love!

Picking the right colour can be difficult. Even with all the resources available at paint stores and online, the process can still be overwhelming. Here are some suggestions for how to make it easier:

  • Keep an eye out for houses that you like when you travel around the city.
  • Computer software can be very useful for testing new colour ideas. It will give you a failry accurate picture of what your entire house, or a single room, will look like after it is repainted. It might even take you in a direction you never thought possible.
  • We use the Personal Colour Viewer from Benjamin Moore, which allows you to experiment with Benjamin Moore colours online using stock images.
  • Remember: just because you like Benjamin Moore colours does not mean you have to buy paint from Benjamin Moore. You can get the colours you like matched at any paint store..
  • To experiment with colours on an image of your own house you either have to buy the Colour Viewer and install it on your computer, or you can ask us to do it for you since we own this software already.

Here is an example of how we can be of assistence:

Original appearance of a house

This is how a house in Burnaby looked at the time of the estimate.

The owners of the house got the idea for the new colour scheme from another house in the neighourhood, which looked similary to the Colour Scheme 1 below.

Painting Option 1: Dry Sage, Twilight, Earthly Russet
Colour Scheme 1: Dry Sage, Twilight, Earthly Russet

We provided the owners with additional options:

Painting Option 2: Alligator Green, Fatigue Green, Earthly Russet
Colour Scheme 2: Alligator Green, Fatigue Green, Earthly Russet

Painting Option 3: Olive Branch, Dark Olive, Southern Vine
Colour Scheme 3: Olive Branch, Dark Olive, Southern Vine

And here is how the house looks after we painted it:

The house after painting

Nice ;)


Other paint stores offer similar colour preview applications:

  • Colour Visualizer from Cloverdale Paint
    - for download only so you can edit your own photos after you install it
    - but the website warns that this application might crash on Windows Vista
  • Visual Decorator from General Paint
    - online version only so you can't use your own photos
    - allows you to not only change colours but also to customize the furniture in the provided images of interiors
  • Colour Visualizer from Sherwin-Williams


To make a fully informed decision about new colours you have to see how they look on the actual wall. You will need to get colour testers from Benjamin Moore or Cloverdale Paint.

  • Apply the test colours directly on the wall (don't forget to label them). Apply at least 2 coats to get the full effect.

Colour samples applied to a wall

  • The amount of light on a given wall will affect the appearence of the colour, so be sure to apply your samples to both shaded and fully-lit walls.
  • You also may choose to apply the samples to large pieces of paper or cardboard for more versatility.

Putting colour samples onto large piece of paper of cardboard will give you more versatility

  • Use a foam brush to apply colour tests. They are inexpesive, disposable, and come in different sizes.

A foam brush is great for testing colours

  • When applying the paint make sure to spread it around evenly. If you leave behind ridges and streaks they will have to scrapped off, patched and sanded.

Other colour tips:

  • You DO NOT have to use a primer when making colour changes inside your house, even if there is a vast difference between the old and new colour. Most colours will cover in two coats. If a third coat is necessary, why not just use the actual paint rather than to wast time and money with a primer?
  • In general, consider making ceilings and exterior soffits white or off-white as it will make the space feel open and arie.
  • Light-toned window trim, both inside and outside, will let in more natural light and make the windows appear bigger.
  • On walls, both interior and exterior, don't shy away from dark colours. Well-chosen dark tokes can create powerful dramatic effects. For example, using a dark colour, such as a chocolate brown, on both the walls and ceiling in a powder room will result in a warm, intimate ambiance.

Our network of colour consultants and home designers can help you choose your colours that create the atmosphere you want to live in.

Please ask your sales representative about this service when you are receiving your Free Estimate.