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Exterior Painting


  • The dirt on your home will be cleaned (with a pressure washer when necessary)
  • Drop clothes and plastic will be used to protect plants, decks and other areas around the home.

House on Sharebrooke St in Vancouver after power-wash and before paintingHouse on Sharebrooke St in Vancouver after a power-wash and before painting


Surface Preparation

  • All loose and peeling paint will be scraped off and sanded
  • Bare wood and rusted areas will be primed to seal the surface and ensure adhesion of the finish coat


  • Filling of large cracks with caulk or spackle
  • Restore window putty as necessary

    Spray-painting exterior stucco wallsSpray-painting the exterior stucco walls


  • Brush and roll or spray finish coats – latex paint, oil paint and stains.

Clean up

  • Daily clean up – all equipment will be kept in the area specified by the client
  • Final clean up- at the end of the job we will leave any left over paint and ensure the home is left in great condition

    Front door masked and ready for paintingThe front door is masked and ready for a coat of high-gloss black paint


  • The supervisor will inspect the entire job to ensure it is up to Stanmark quality standards

Customer walk around

  • The supervisor/manager will do a final walk around with the client to ensure they are satisfied

    White facias, dark-green body, and pure-black front door.  What a difference!White facias, dark-green body, and pure-black front door. What a difference!