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Stan Janusz came to Canada from Poland in 1990 with his wife and three sons. His first job in the new country was as a painter. His English was fairly rudimentary, but he was a fast learner. Those were exciting times for him and his whole family: new country, new language, and new friends. Stan bought his first car. He had two strong hands and a lot of self-confidence, and soon he started his own painting business with his friend Mark. They called their new venture Stanmark. When Mark left to become a park ranger in the Canadian North, Stan kept plugging away on his own. His two sons, Lucas and Jerry, who were still in high school and elementary school, helped him out during their summer breaks.

Stan was mastering the painting craft. He taught himself everything there was to know. Eventually, he was able to execute a flawless finish to interior trim worthy of an auto-body shop. His skills were in demand and he was slowly building a solid base of steady customers all over the Lower Mainland. It included individual home owners, as well as property developers. Stan was very personable and he did good work so he always managed to drum up new business.

This wasn’t always an easy process, though. One day in 1991 Stan fell off a ladder and severely sprained his ankle. He couldn’t work for three months. The construction industry in the 1990's was also very slow. There were periods, scary periods, when there was simply nothing to do.

Years went by and Stan, with the help of his sons, persevered. The boys graduated from high school and went to college. Jerry completed a business degree and joined his father in running the family business in 2002. Flush with his newly acquired marketing acumen, he endeavoured to give the company a fresh new identity. He briefly renamed the business as paintTHIS Contracting. Although the name didn’t stick, Jerry’s efforts were the first crucial steps towards making Stanmark a recognizable and trusted brand.

Lucas graduated with a BA in psychology. He worked in the information technology sector for a few years and then officially became part of the Stanmark team in June 2004. Over time his duties became more and more supervisory and human resource related.

In the hot construction market of the past few years the business has grown by leaps and bounds becoming one of the larger premier painting companies in the Lower Mainland. It now employs eight people and twice as many during the summers. Over time Stanmark has developed specialized skill in the areas of interior and exterior re-paints, new construction, stratas, apartment buildings, and commercial buildings.