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Another fine exterior job completed by Stanmark. [+] More

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Another interior finished by Stanmark. [+] More

Interior Painting


  • Floors are protected to ensure no drips
  • Furniture is moved and covered

Furniture and floors covered before painting



  • Water stains are sealed (if necessary)
  • Missing stipple (large area) is re-stippled with spray (if necessary)
  • Flat latex paint is typically used to coat the ceilings


  • Walls are sanded to remove rough imperfections

Sanding walls before painting


First Coat

  • A coat is applied of the beautiful color of your choice

Inspection and Filling

  • Walls are inspected with trouble light to search out imperfections
  • Imperfections are then filled or caulked as necessary
  • All filled areas are spot primed to ensure uniform sheen



Second Coat

  • Another coat is applied to ensure a full finish and immaculate color

Additional Coats (if necessary)

  • Needed to cover bright colors
  • Needed when clear base colors are chosen like red, yellow and some deeper greens and blues

Claudia painting on a ladder



  • The supervisor will inspect the entire job to ensure it is up to Stanmark quality standards

Customer walk around

  • The supervisor/manager will do a final walk around with the client to ensure they are satisfied